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Promoting Amateur Athletics, Teamwork and Sportsmanship with Top-Notch Facilities, Quality Equipment and a focus on Physical and Mental wellbeing.

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Athletic Development in Midland, Texas

At Midland Athletics Syndicate (MAS), a Texas Non-Profit Organization, the purpose extends beyond charity, and the mission is to foster and champion the growth of amateur athletics, teamwork, mental health, and sportsmanship among children and adults. MAS aims to achieve this by offering education, establishing top-notch facilities, and providing cutting-edge equipment.

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The Goal

MAS is dedicated to bringing to life a state-of-the-art, multipurpose sports complex in the heart of Midland. This sports facility will not only host tournaments and league play but also serve as a practice and recreation space.

The Vision

The vision of MAS is to enhance youth sports, stimulate the local economy, and create a sports camp that promotes Midland athletics. With your support, MAS can transform the open gym into a beacon for basketball and other sports in the community.

Reach out to MAS to learn more about the facilities.

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